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My main specialty is writing rich Javascript interfaces on the client-side using Dojo Toolkit. I have plenty of experience writing custom widgets and Dojo modules. I also specialize in UI design and usability testing.

I'm used to wearing several different hats, and can do most web development related things, whether it be writing a real-time node.js application, writing Django apps, or web design.

Work Experience

  • Dojo Foundation
    Committer, Project Leader for Lucid
  • Inverted Web
    Main Web Developer
    (Feb 2010 - Jun 2011)
  • SitePen, Inc
    Quality Assurance
    (Jan 2010 - Jan 2011)
  • Rockville Centre Public Schools
    Development of in-house software, etc.
    (Oct 2006-June 2010)

Blackpyre Engine

This is an ongoing project

Blackpyre is a game engine I’m currently working on. It’s a cross platform game engine written in C++, using OpenGL for hardware acceleration and the v8 Javascript VM for scripting.

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Lucid Desktop

This is an ongoing project

Lucid is a free, open source web desktop that gives you web storage and applications, with a set of great developer APIs.

I’m the project maintainer for Lucid, and wrote the majority of the code for 1.0.

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ABI Research

Summer of 2011, I worked for ABI Research, a market research company. They have some very big-name clients, and have been featured in publications such as Fast Company. Working for such a great company was a thrill, and I loved every second of it.

Being a research company, ABI’s greatest asset is it’s data. I was given the task of writing data visualization widgets for them, and I was set on presenting it in a clear and intuitive way.

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Question Party

This was a project done with the Lucid team to learn NodeJS/Persevere, but I wound up doing most of the work. It is a re-vamped version of Question Party using the Dojo Toolkit on the client, and Persevere/NodeJS on the server.

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Lucid Website

The Lucid website is a really well done project site. It features a custom-tailored package repository, and download apps.

I didn’t create the design for this, but I wrote custom Django apps and make use of existing Django apps to create the final site. The package and downloads sections consist of purely my code.

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Multitouch Padlock

A multitouch padlock that runs in the browser. Uses dojox.gfx from the Dojo Toolkit to render vector graphics.

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RVC Schools Helpdesk

A custom helpdesk solution modeled after Trac for RVC Public Schools. Features ticket management, project management, staticstics, and LDAP integration.

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Nexuiz Mapping Contest Website

A map contest website that I wrote for the Nexuiz community. Sadly, it’s not up anymore due to lack of interest.

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