Lucid Desktop

This is an ongoing project

Lucid is a free, open source web desktop that gives you web storage and applications, with a set of great developer APIs.

I'm the project maintainer for Lucid, and manage the entire development team, oversee all of the design decisions, and wrote the majority of the code for 1.0.

Lucid consists of three parts:

  • A set of core UI elements and such that provide a general interface that lets you customize panels, launch applications, etc.
  • A set of APIs that communicate with the server and allow apps to be written very quickly
  • A suite of core applications that provide basic desktop functionality (account management, text editor, file browser, etc.)

Third-party applications can be made for Lucid, and uploaded to a package repository on the site. Users can download said applications and install it on their own servers, or make their own applications and upload them to the server. Lucid's built-in IDE allows for rapid development of applications from within Lucid itself.

The project has been somewhat dormant as of late, and as a result things like the demo haven't been maintained or kept working. There's a video on youtube demoing Lucid for the time being.