ABI Research

Summer of 2011, I worked for ABI Research, a market research company. They have some very big-name clients, and have been featured in publications such as Fast Company. Working for such a great company was a thrill, and I loved every second of it.

Being a research company, ABI's greatest asset is it's data. I was given the task of writing data visualization widgets for them, and I was set on presenting it in a clear and intuitive way.

I used Dojo Toolkit to write all the javascript-heavy things for them. The widgets/applications I wrote included the following:

  • An online PDF viewer
  • A phone teardown viewing widget (with zoom functionality, as well as the ability to save snapshots)
  • A charting widget for viewing power usage of various phone components
  • A promotion carousel widget (was featured on the website's frontpage at the time)
  • An internal tool that was used to send weekly newsletters to a large volume of subscribers
  • A python script that publishes items from several RSS feeds to a twitter account

Focus was placed on creating the most usable interfaces possible within the given time frame.