Nexuiz Mapping Contest Website

I'm fairly involved with the Nexuiz community. Nexuiz (now known as Xonotic) was a free open-source FPS game that played a lot like quake. A long while ago, they wanted to do a mapping contest to get people to start creating more maps for the game, so I stepped up and wrote some code to automate the process.

This was my first Django project, and I wrote the whole site in a week or two. The design was borrowed from Nexuiz's site, which is no longer there.

The site allowed people running the contests to create new contests with a start date, a submission deadline, and a judging deadline. Participants could submit their map along with a screenshot to a contest. Likewise, judges could judge the map based on visuals and gameplay. The web application would average these scores to come up with a final score for the map, and rank each map based on average score at the end.

Sadly, the first contest wasn't very well organized, so interest dropped, and the site was never really used, but I still have the code for it.